Free Art

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Something new is happening in the world of art. Local artists have began to create small communities, where they can meet, work, influence and respond to each other. These new communities were brought into public focus on Culture Night and their exciting and revolutionary new work was on view throughout Mullingar, Kinnegad and Castlepollard.

Take for example artist Corina Thornton’s struggle to find a workspace in Mullingar. The new premises, home to “The Free Art Society” at 1 Mount Street Gardens, has been literally clawed back from dereliction to meet the needs of its members. Just in time for Culture Night, it opened its doors to reveal a gallery, studio space and an area which will be used for art therapy. On Culture night itself, it was the venue for an impromptu, collaborative exhibition with work from over 15 artists. That night there was also a performance that expressed the new, free, responsive style of art engaging the Free Art Society, a live painting performed and worked by three members Siobhan O’Leary, Ani Morton and Corina Thornton. The artists were influenced by both the live music performance, by Gary Dunne and by each others work and even by the guests that flowed through the gallery:

“This is a new style of Rock and Roll Art. Empowering all, to observe and feel a closer relationship with the artistic processes. There is a deep well of creativity here. What has evolved here is a platform where artists can develop their works, skills base and expand their philosophies through the integration of the full spectrum of the arts within a collaborative as well as an individual studio setting,” said Corina.

The Free Art Society presents itself to the world as a fully inclusive body of professional artists, who strive for further understanding and quality of the arts through engagement in collaborations with the full spectrum of artistic disciplines. It focuses strongly on the visual arts and is committed to developing their current space in “The Studio” at Mount Street Gardens.

“Our vision is that the studio will become a hub of creativity for member and non-member artists for the growing benefit of all involved artists and the greater public,” says Corina.

At the moment there are four professional artists using the space, Corina Thornton, Ani Morton, Siobhan O’ Leary, and Gertrude Tlou. The studio has available spaces for artists who wish to explore their talents, in an innovative space,

“We are all involved in collective work with visiting artists, such as Mars Design from Leitrim, Aidan Bones from Dublin and Patrick Morris from Navan. All of the work will be eventually exhibited when the collections are complete.

“The Studio has also opened its doors to therapists and musicians as it encompasses all aspects of art, not just canvas. The aim is to have a space where all artistic forms are represented, says Ani.