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What draws a respected military man, an accomplished officer in the Irish Defence Forces,to the world of Spiritual Healing and Complementary Therapy?

Perhaps his time as a United Nations peace keeper in some of the worlds most unsettled regions have given John Picard his unprecedented insight into how best to soothe your troubled soul. It is certain that his time working with the Irish Red Cross - bringing practical aid to the people of the refugee camps in Burundi and Rwanda, and developing a hospital system in Kyrghystan - has helped shape this mans devotion to healing and care.

For more than 15 years, John has applied his innate self discipline to training and accomplishment in the Arts of Shiatzu, Aromatherapy and Sports Massage, Animal healing and Reiki. A respected male massage therapist; he is a registered member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association, a recognised Reiki Master, and continues to add to his extensive skill base by studying Shamanism and Tantra with the respected John Hawken.

John is in his Mullingar clinic, in The Studio every Tuesday from 10am ‘till late.

Contact John Today to book your appointment at 086 82 55 206

John came to my home to give me a massage. He prepared the room with music candles and incense. We had a chat about where I was in my life and what my needs were before the massage. The whole experience was a delight. While John massaged my body, I felt he knew exactly what I needed, and where was tense and needed loosening. I felt so safe and held and nurtured. By the end , I was in a state of bliss and gratitude.

Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire,  London,  23 Feb 2011

Hope you don't mind but I felt the need to write about these magical hands..I had my first John Picard massage experience 10 years ago and it was such a magical experience it stuck in my head and my body never forgot. I recently experienced it again and oh what a soothing, relaxing, most amazing massage ever. The years of experience do tell in the hands and I cannot begin to tell how amazed I was, my body never felt so relaxed and it was a much needed release of tension. I would recommend to everyone to experience it at least once in a lifetime. He is so worth the experience.

Maria, Dublin

Here are what some previous happy clients have said about John’s massage.

Affordable Massage therapy

Freedom of the body and spirit enhances all of the arts

John offers a range of different types of massage.  All massage treatments help to relax and revive tired or stressed muscles. Massage will also release tension leaving you feeling rejuvenated and stress free.

The Benefits of Massage:

    * Relaxation

    * Reduce stress

    * Reduce muscle tension

    * Improve circulation

    * Boost the immune system

Sports Massage

    * Stress relief and relaxation massage will provide intensive relief, improve posture, release tension and revitalise tired bodies.

    * Remedial  massage, for those returning from an injury or surgery.

      Reduces and eliminates pain and dysfunction, will also help to restore the body to a pre-injured condition and decrease the risk of injury   

      reoccurrence.  It will also help to improve mental attitude.

    * Pre event massage, for anyone involved in a specific event or competition.

      This treatment will enhances performance, reduces the risk of injury and will prepare the mind to perform at peak performance.

    * Post event massage,for anyone involved in strenuous exercise

      This treatment will ensures a faster recovery, will speed up the removal of waste from the muscles and relaxes the body and mind in preparation     

      for the next event.