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Free Art


The Free Art Society is a fully inclusive body of professional artists who strive for understanding and quality of the arts through engagement in collaborations within the full spectrum of artistic disciplines. The Free Art Society focuses strongly on the visual arts while sharing artistic insights, philosophies and talents with all other languages of artistic, cultural and soulful expressions of Life. The Free Arts Society

is committed to developing our space in ‘The Studio’, Mount Street Gardens, Mullingar, Ireland, as a hub of creativity for professional artists.

The realisation of this mission statement is for the growing benefit of all involved artists, leading to creative, evolutionary space and freedom of expression for all. The perspectives of an artists’ mind, (thinker, musician, writer, dancer, Healer etc.) evolve through communication, manifesting new ideas, creating altered perspectives; which in turn inspires new work, thoughts and the subtle evolution of the observer.

The Studio is where this evolution is occurring, the connection between expression, knowledge and spirituality is explored....appreciation of the greater expansive moment, seen, felt and heard through the talents and strivings of the artists and visitors.

We live in a fragmented world mind,  the Free Art seeks to address this by integrating the arts...ALL of the arts of being a creative Human, BEing, including the Art of healing, of philosophy, of debate, of film, dance, the arts of focussing, the art of movement and breath, meditation, painting and music, the art of writing and of health, good conversation, storytelling, wine, food etc...perspectives are explored, creating fusion. This fusion opens natural channels connecting the whole creative being, moving through a creative life... a life full of possibilities instead of walls, where a change of direction generates a whole new perspective of horizons of potential and overcoming feelings of loss/lack and stress.

Now is the time to integrate our greater creative expression of all our relationships and make them FREE.

Creator beings are coming together and nurturing new levels/depths of consciousness (a subjective and objective experience) in a safe and open space where the observer becomes the observed and can engage more fully with all the known senses and beyond.

What does all this mean?

Art is evolving, creation is evolving, and we are pretty determined to evolve with it whilst nurturing a bridge between art and greater society.

Collaboration leads to unity Unity is Strength Creativity as the seat of the soul – Corina Thornton (Founder)

Fine Art Gallery, with workshop space and a studio FOR RENT

A hop and a skip from the Mullingar arts Center.

swapping and evaluating ideas with local and visiting artists.

A valuable creative living, Information exchange.

Scenic rural places available for artists to stay while they work within the studios (if required).

An opportunity to gauge feedback through the development of work if so desired.

Be profiled on the website.

A wonderful, inspirational and relaxing space for evening groups and workshops.

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